Born in Canada and raised in small town New York State, I am a sound and music producer at Tattoo Sound and Music.  Yes, that’s a lot of sound and music for one sentence. I lived in New York City for 5 years – 213 W 71st Street - working at McCaffrey and McCall Inc. for a variety of clients including Mercedes-Benz, Tiffany and ABC Television.  In the 1990’s,  I was part of the amazing Louder Music and Sound Design team in Toronto.   

In addition to my work in advertising, I’ve produced audio books for Harper Collins/, including a biography of acclaimed satirist-illustrator Bruce McCall ( THIN ICE ) as well as THE PINKERTON FILES – a steam punk story about the assassination of President Lincoln by author David Luchuk.  

I am also available for voice work. and am represented by agent Paul Smith of ETM.  See contacts.  

Examining what sound, music and voice presently mean in our current digital culture, my sound and music productions are a combination of surgical precision and precision guess work.